Office of Institutional Relations

National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal

MoU Details

SNo Date of Signing MoU Duration Organization/Institute Domain
1 20th August ,2019 5 Years Hewlett Packed Enterprise Globalsoft Pvt. LTD, Bangalore Initiating research collaboration activities with NITK Faculty on areas of Mutual Interest, Engaging NITK students in potential internship activities and in-semester projects, Conducting periodic workshop /seminars (with HPE experts and organised by NITK )on topics of mutual interest at NITK Surathkal .Faculty and students of NITK could be Participants, Organising webinars, conference , coding Competitions etc, Explore potential setup of lab facility at NITK, to explore research avenues in high performance computing and other research activities.
2 20th March,2019 3 Years Institute of Radio Frequency and optoelectronics Integrated Circuits plus State Key Lab of Bioelectronics, South East University China Exchange of Faculty/Exchange of Research Scholars and Students/Exchange of information and materials in those fields which are of interest to both parties /Activities such as collaborative research , Lectures, and Symposiums etc/ Joint Cultural Programme
3 15th March 2019 3 Years Department of Nanoscience & Engineering/ BK21PLUS Nano Convergence Project Group of INJE University , Republic of Korea Exchange of Faculty/Exchange of Research Scholars and Students/Exchange of information and materials in those fields which are of interest to both parties /Activities such as collaborative research , Lectures, and Symposiums etc/ Joint Cultural Programmes
4 21st Feb, 2019 5 Years Human Resocia Co. Ltd, Japan NITK and Human will collaborate on effort to create employment opportunities in Japan for graduates from the NITK Herein after referred to as the “ GNITK Project . Both NITK and Human shall ensure to make this Japanese employment opportunity the best human resource development opportunities
5 30th January 2019 5 years KIOCL Limited Mangalore Understanding to explore collaboration, exchange of knowledge and cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit to the both organization
6 14th December 2018 5 Years National Law School of India University Bengaluru Technical Support for IPR Cyber Law & Forensics and other related areas, Research R&D, Workshop & Training Programs
7 17th Nov,2018 3 Years National Institute of Disaster Management , New Delhi Research & Development , Capacity building & Documentation activities for mainstreaming disaster risk reduction in several areas
8 3rd Dec 2018 (4 Years) Kanchanaburi Campus, Mahidol University Thailand Collaborative Research
9 15th Nov 2018 (3Years) IIT Bombay Faculty exchange/ Student exchange/Joint Research
10 10th August 2018 (60 Months) Aum Techno Spray, Bangalore Manufacturing of Engineering Components
11 13th August 2018 (36 Months) SimLife Electric Private Ltd Bangalore Solar Inverters
12 30th May 2018 (3Years) Eaton Technologies Pvt. Ltd Additive Manufacturing Research and development
13 19th April 2018 3 Years Wadhwani Operating Foundation, Los Altos, California, USA Entrepreneurship Development - Institutional Association MOU
14 19th April 2018 3 Years Arya Technocrats, Belagavi Collaborative research
15 5th April 2018 5 Years Universita Degli Studi di Pavia, Italy Student exchange, Collaborative research
16 5th March 2018 3 Years RAMBAL INDIA LIMITED, Thiruporur, Tamil Nadu Automobile suspension (IMPRINT Project)
17 18th January 2018 5 Years University of District of Columbia (UDC) School of Engineering and Applied Science Washington, USA Academic and Research Collaboration
18 18th January 2018 3 Years Internshala Student Internship
19 9th January 2018 " Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University of lasi,, Romania Under Erasmus+Programme Faculty and student exchange Programme In the area of manufacturing, Materials and processing
20 6th December 2017 1 Year Networkers Home New Delhi Collaboration in education and training
21 4th December 2017 10 years Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL) Collaborative research
22 25th October 2017 IEEE Power and Energy Society Bangalore Chapter Collaborative research
23 8th April 2017 2 Years AMD India Private Limited ("AMD India") Collaborative research
24 6th April 2017 (31.08.2020 Renewed) Infineon Technologies Asia Pacific Pte Ltd Collaborative research
25 13th March 2017 1 Year Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (KIST) Collaborative research
26 27th December 2016 3 Years Advanced Polymer Design and Development Research Laboratory (R&D Unit of CIPET) Bengaluru Collaborative research
27 6th December 2016 5 Years iBuild Innovations India Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad Collaboration on Entrepreneurship and Skill Development
28 25th November 2016 3 Years IBM India Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore Collaborative research
29 16th September 2016 5 Years M/s Wolfram Research, Inc. USA (WRI) Mathematical Modelling ,Collaborative research
30 30th August 2016 2 Years Sapience Consulting, a Texas Instruments University Program Partner, India Electronics and Communication Engineering Collaborative research
31 19th April 2016 3 Years WABCO India Limited, Chennai Collaborative research and student Internship
32 5th April 2016 5 Years National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu Faculty exchange/ Student exchange,Collaborative research
33 4th April 2016 5 Years University of California Berkeley Mechanical Engineering (Combustion Group) Berkeley, California Faculty exchange/ Student exchange/Joint Research
34 31st March 2016 Duration of the Mission Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MHUPA) Civil Engineering
35 24th February 2016 5 Years Manipal University, Manipal Faculty exchange/ Joint Research/ Student exchange, Collaborative research
36 24th February 2016 5 Years Centre for Marine Technology and Ocean Engineering (CENTEC), Instituto Superior Tecnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics Collaborative research
37 2nd February 2016 3 Years Huawei Technologies India Private Limited (HTIPL) Student Scholarship for 5 students in IT Department
38 14th January 2016 2 ½ Years Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Thiruvananthapuram Electrical and Electronics Engineering
39 14th December 2015 3 Years USC Viterbi School of Engineering Faculty exchange/ Joint Research/ Student exchange, Collaborative research
40 1st December 2015 5 Years Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Northeastern University Boston MA 02110, USA Faculty exchange/ Joint Research/Student exchange Program
41 1st December 2015 5 Years DAmore-McKim School of Business Northeastern University Boston, MA 02110, USA Collaborative research and student Internship
42 4th November 2015 PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd Collaborative research
43 28th October 2015 5 Years INSTITUT NATIONAL DE LA RECHERCHE AGRONOMIQUE (INRA), FRANCE Academic exchange /Collaborative research
44 20th October 2015 5 Years Hard Rock Regional Centre, National Institute of Hydrology, Belgaum Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics Collaborative research and student Internship
45 14th October 2015 3 Years Council of Scientific and Industrial Research - Central Glass and Ceramic Research Institute (CSIR - CGCRI) Identified for collaboration are
46 14th October 2015 3 Years Hexagon Capability Center India Private Limited Mechanical Engg. /Collaborative research
47 4th September 2015 5 Years Shree Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Law College, Centre for Post Graduate Studies & research in Law, Mangalore, D. K. Collaborative research
48 25th August 2015 5 Years (Renewed) The School of Business and Engineering University of applied Sciences Western, Switzerland, Vaud (Heig - VD) Student exchange Program
49 11th May 2015 4 Years ABB Global Industries and Services Private Limited Collaborative research/Scholarship
50 27th April 2015 3 Years Design Innovation Centre, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Product Design
51 9th March 2015 5 Years Kagoshima University, Japan Academic exchange program for students
52 28th February 2015 5 Years Faculty of Engineering and Graduate School of Science and Technology, Kumamoto University, Japan Student exchange Program
53 10th February 2015 5 Years Father Mullers Medical College, Mangalore Collaborative research
54 1st December 2014 5 Years National Institute of Technology Agartala, Tripura Academic Exchange/Joint Research
55 26th September 2014 3 Years Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH Faculty exchange/ Collaborative research
56 24th September 2014 5 Years India Institute of Technology, Madras Student / Faculty Exchange
57 18th June2014 5 years The Indian Navy, New Delhi Cadet Training programs
58 15th May 2014 3 Years Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, India (MDI) Collaborative research, training and development programmes
59 14th May 2014 Renewed for further period of 5 years Michigan State University, U. S. A. Faculty exchange /Student exchange Program
60 8th April 2014 5 Years CSIR-National Institute of Oceanography, Goa Collaborative research
61 3rd March 2014 5 Years Moog India Technology Center Pvt. Ltd. Collaborative research and student Internship
62 26th February 2014 5 Years Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala, Kerala Collaborative research, Cadet Training programs, Faculty exchange.
63 24th January 2014 3 years M/s. Insmart Systems, Hyderabad Establishment of Advanced “Insmart-NITK Mineral Processing Laboratory” in the Department of Mining Engineering.
64 17th December 2013 3 Years hepia-University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland technology, architecture and landscape Student exchange Program/ Exchange Program for Teaching staff
65 4th November 2013 5 Years Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T Construction), Chennai Civil Engg. /Build India Scholarship
66 21st October 2013 3 Years University of Seville (UoS), Spain Civil Engg. / Mechanical/Student Exchange Collaborative research and student Internship
67 4thOctober 2013 3 Years ProSIM R& D Pvt. Ltd. Mechanical Collaborative research and student Internship
68 25th September 2013 5 Years AB Volvo Group, Sweden Mechanical /E &C /CSE / IT /Preferred Talent Partner student Internship Collaborative research
69 31st August 2013 Renewed up to 2019 Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited (RBEI), Bangalore Mechanical /Electronics/Collaborative research and student Internship
70 10th June 2013 5 Years Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore MEMS; Joint workshops; Students & Faculty exchange
71 10th June 2013 5 Years Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India Private Limited (MBRDI), Bangalore CSE/E&C/Mech./Joint Research Projects/Student/Staff exchange /Experts for Special Courses
72 30th January 2013 5 Years Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), Mumbai Collaborative research/Student Projects
73 18th January 2013 3 Years National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore Collaborative Research/Student Projects/Joint Ph.D guidance
74 10th December 2012 5 Years DELL R & D Bangalore Joint research Projects/Student Internship
75 22nd November 2012 5 Years National Technical University of Ukraine "KYIV POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE" Chemical /Faculty exchange/ Collaborative research
76 7th November 2012 3 Years MITACS INC, of Canada Student Internship
77 5th April 2012 Karnataka State Bio fuel Development Board, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore Establishment of Bio Diesel Plant; Popularizing Bio Diesel in Society
78 24th February 2012 5 Years Advance Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) Sunnyvale, California, USA Joint Projects; Student Projects
79 31st January 2012 5 Years Centre for Earth Science, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Joint Project Connected to Deccan Plateau stability
80 2nd December 2011 Valid till terminated Oil and Natural Gas Corporation. Limited (ONGC), Dehra Dun Mechanical/ Chemical/Scholarship
81 8th November 2011 5 Years National Institute of Technology Calicut, Kerala Academic Exchange/Joint Research
82 17th October 2011 5 Years ECAM Lyon (Ecole Catholique d Arts et Metiers) School of Engineering, France Student Exchange Program
83 11th March 2011 5 Years Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) Bangalore E&E/Joint Research
84 30th December 2010 Renewed up to 2023 Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Limited (MRPL) - MOC Joint Research/Staff Improvement Program
85 1st November 2010 5 Years Universitat Rovira I Virgili, Tarragona, Spain Student internship
SNo Date of Signing MoU Duration Organization/Institute Domain